Signature Flavours

Red Velvet & Cream

A deep red velvet cake with a smooth creamy cheese filling.

Red Velvet & Coca

A deep red velvet cake with a smooth creamy chocolate ganache filling.


Moist Vanilla cake with swirl of smooth red raspberry filling, with our signature creamy cheese.

Chocolate Love

Our fudge moist chocolate cake stuffed with a rich chocolate ganache.

Black & White Love

Our signature chocolate cake, stuffed with a vibrant creamy cheese.

White Heart

Delicious and delicious vanilla cake stuffed with light cream cheese and different flavor.

White & Coca

Specially made vanilla cake to fit your taste buds with rich and delicious chocolate filling.

Cake Anatomy


‏Custom designed for your event.


‏Handcrafted using only the finest quality ingredients.


‏Baked delicately to create an irresistable taste.


Cakes (2-3 tiers) to be delivered due to extreme delicacy and require temperature control, timed deliveries and sound vehicle transportation.

The cake must be consumed at room temperature (with AC) (3-4 hours upon delivery)

Leftovers to be kept in refrigerator wrapped tightly in cling wrap and stored in airtight container, to be consumed within a week.